Win a Dollar 3!
Round 2

1.  Make an away message for me!
As you may have noticed, I'm running low on clever away messages. Choose one of the following reasons for being away, and come up with a good away message for it:
-  Eating (lunch or dinner)
-  Sleeping
-  Showering
-  Doing homework
-  Studying
-  At class
-  At Sarah's

2.  A couple of weeks ago I had a list of birthday presents from T-Fus in my profile. Name as many as you can, for 1 point each (there were 13 of them).

3.  It's the year 2042, and I just died. Write a short biography of what I did in my 60 years, including how I died.
Note: In 2042, English is no longer spoken as we know it today; instead, everyone talks like Yoda. Therefore your biography must be in Yoda-speak.
(If you have no idea how to talk like Yoda, IM me and I'll explain how)

Entries must be e-mailed to me at before the deadline of Tuesday, November 26th. Late entries will be accepted, but with a penalty of 1 point per day.

Remember: The most humorous and original responses will gain more points!

Since this will probably be the last Win a Dollar contest, I just want to say thank you to everyone that entered any of the three contests. Your excellent responses made all the hard work worth it.