Win a Dollar 3!
Round 1

1. Get out your rhyming dictionaries... Jay-Z is back! And he needs you to write him a verse for his newest song, "Gangsta Penguin".
To get you started, he has given you some gangsta phrases which you can include in your rhymes (try to use as many as possible):
- "pop a cap"
- "bling bling"
- "my ho's"
- "ice"
- "yo" (Jay-Z recommends saying "yo" at least 3 times)
- "holla"
- "spork"
- For more, try

Note: Profanity is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Word.

2. Caption one of the following pictures:
- Image 1
- Image 2
- Image 3
- Image 4
- Or any of the pictures on my web site.

(Or, if you prefer, you can edit any of these pictures with a program like Photoshop or MS Paint. If you don't know how to do that, or don't know what I'm talking about, then just ignore this.)

3. I just made some clones of myself, and we all formed a band! What should we call ourselves?

If you put a link in your profile to Win a Dollar 3, you will recieve one point extra credit! The address is:

Entries must be e-mailed to me at before the deadline of Thursday, November 14th. Late entries will be accepted, but with a penalty of 1 point per day.

Remember: The most humorous and original responses will gain more points!

This will probably be the last Win a Dollar contest, so if you want to win that grand prize of one American dollar, enter today! And good luck!