Win a Dollar 3!

Congratulations to is it jim (Jim Alexander), the winner of the third Win a Dollar contest! Jim's prize, one American dollar bill, will be sent to him soon. Now Jim can finally afford something at the Dollar Store!

Thank you to everyone that entered, there were a lot of great answers this time. I've selected some of the best below.

To see the final scores, click here.

Best answers:

Round 1

1. "Gangsta Penguin"

When you said that you lived on a pola' cap
I thought you was sayin' to pop a cap
And all that shit that you said about livin' in ice
Yo, I thought that you meant the bling bling -- not a place
(M M McLar)

yo my cousin chilly willy
shot your dad last night
dumdum bullets in his MAC10
let's go fly a fuckin kite

(To the tune of Ice Ice Baby): Omega Replica Watches
Ice, Ice, Peguin
doo do do do do do
Ice, Ice, Peguin
doo do do do do do
Yo, I waddle around with my bling bling
If you mess with me I've got a piece under my wing
I'll bust a cap, yes I will
And just remember I shoot to kill

kazzam! gangster penguin,
poppin caps in people like teddy ruxpin,
i got a gangster penguin in my pants with a big black beak,
he aint weak,
he aint greek,
he cant speak,
cant dance like bjork,
but he'll kill ya with a spork.

I thought I'd try and make my own Gangsta Penguin rap:

The north pole is my hood, yo I gotta represent
If y'all are from the south pole, then you can go get bent
I keep my ho's in line with my motherfuckin' spork
Pop a cap in their ass if they don't wanna work
'Cuz I got more ice than you'll ever even see
You'll need more money yo, if you want more ice than me
So if you wanna chance to win that motherfuckin' dolla'
Send in your answers and give Brian a holla!!!!

2. Caption or Photoshop pictures


uh oh!!!!!!!! Looks like some one had an accident

(all by is it jim)

3. What should I name my clone band?

The Gary Coleman Experience
(is it jim)

It depends on how many clones you made:
2 clones (three of you total): "Three Bri Mice"
40 clones (forty-one of you total): "Ali-BriBri and the 40 Bri's", or ideally, you would name the other 40 'Steve'
(M M McLar)

The Cookie Cutter Pseudoninjas

Round 2

1. Invent an away message for me

You'll see some of the good ones being used by me soon! Pay attention to my screen name for the next couple of weeks!

2. T-Fus' birthday presents

The complete list was:
- 10 Butterfingers
- 1 Knife (with taco remnants)
- "Out & About" magazine
- Vanilla Coke cap
- Half of a milk cap ring
- Blue pen, missing a cap
- 3 pepper packets
- 1 salt packet
- Pen cap, partially chewed (but not the cap missing from the above pen)
- Foster's bottlecap
- One wire, labeled "Q"
- A paper towel
- 1 printed page of a web site explaining how to put a mod chip into a Playstation 2

However, Jon (gwydionn) had some good guesses:
- Hemorrhoid cr?me
- Butt scratcher
- Tickle me elmo
- cello
- boob job
- monkey wrench
- a perfect clone of yourself to go to class for you
- a cat... to get the gerbil out of your butt
- a dollar
- the matrix
- AND a pony

3. My eulogy, in Yoda-speak

Short he was! Like Yoda, yes! Like Yooooda!
(Cheif Jay)

Knowing we that the age that is average for dying in this year of 2042 is 170 years old, very strange it is that Brian, well known also as BriBri, at 60 has died.
(M M McLar)

A good programmer Brian he was. Wrote much code he did. Toured with the Foo Fighters he did also. But, strong with the force he was not. Turn to the dark side he did. Worked for Microsoft he did. Cut down by linux rebels he was.

Credited he is with discovering the Megabit 2000. The world's first international money give away contest software the Megabit 2000 is.

brian yoda man, lived a sad life full of muffins up his asshole. he tried to use the force in his asshole. but muffins are not the force and that is why hes not here today. 1 too many muffins in the rectum can mean serious shit(no pun intended). brian was the great jedi muffin man in all of north delaware. he used the force about 3 times a day. sometimes he had to use a light saber to stick cold muffins up his ass. he still had much to learn. one day when he was making muffins i said to him my ass itchs. he said "do, or do not, there is no try". i dont know what that means but its ok cause now hes dead.

(is it jim)