Round 1

1. Write a short story (30 words or less) about one of the following topics:
- How the Win a Dollar contest saved the world
- How I felt when I lost the first Win a Dollar Contest (or for Jon - how I felt when I won)
- Sporks
Bonus points if you don't use the letter 'e'!

2. A soccer player kicks a ball B trying to hit a point M on the vertical wall with it. The distance between the player and the wall is L=32m. After it's kicked, the ball flies with the initial speed of V0=25m/s at an angle a to the horizon. There is no wind before the player kicks the ball. However, right after the ball starts to fly, wind begins to blow at the speed of V1=10m/s. The direction of the wind is horizontal and parallel to the wall. The ball hits the wall. However, because of the wind, it deviates from the mark M by S=2m in horizontal direction and hits point D. Assume that cosa=0.8 and that the ball doesn't rotate in flight. Find the time ball was in flight.


Draw a picture of either yourself or of me. Attach the picture to your e-mail.

3. Write a limerick about anything
(note: it has to be original... if I find out that you didn't actually write it, you get 0 points)

Here's an example of a limerick:
There once was a man named Bob
Who unfortunately had no job
Then Bob won a dollar
And I heard him holler,
"I won the Win a Dollar contest and now I'm on easy street! You can be too if you enter today!!"

Okay well Bob kinda screwed up the last line but you get the point.

Remember: The most humorous and original responses will gain more points!

You must e-mail the answers to me at

Deadline is Tuesday, May 14th (late entries will be accepted, but with a penalty of 1 point per day late).

So work hard and good luck!