Congratulations to Sarah91282 (aka Sarah Hamilton) and M M McLar (aka Mike McLarnon), the winners of the second Win a Dollar contest!
Both will receive dollars for their excellent entries!

Final Scores:
M M McLar: 29.5/30
Sarah91282: 29.5/30
gwydionn: 29/30
dist2here: 28/30
SonGokou10: 27/30
Rusty6995: 25/30
BiggK3: 24/30
gdlod36: 23.5/30

Best answers:

How the Win a Dollar Contest saved the world (extra credit for not using the letter 'e'):
OUR WORLD WAS FALLIN. the population was down on this world. no optimism. but wait WIN A DOLLAR 2 was on at our horizon.. making all happy. world was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onc upon a tim, thr was a bautiful princss. Sh was stuck all by hrslf in a castl. Sh was so lonly sh dcidd to nd hr lif. Thr was only on window in th castl th ugly qun kpt hr in. So sh jumpd out of it. Th princ who was supposd to catch hr was busy working on th Win a Dollar contst. So -- splat -- sh did. Did I mntion sh was a bad princss who would'v dstroyd th world if sh livd? Yah -- sh was. So th Win a Dollar contst savd th world.
Oh, and whn sh jumpd sh screamd:
(M M McLar)

"How can I win a dollar?", said a man saving this world. A boy was playing on his right. That man took that boy and sold him for two dollars.

Sporky the Spork was very alone. He just didnít seem to fit in with the other flatware. The forks all made fun of him because his prongs werenít as long as theirs and the spoons made fun of him because he just couldnít scoop up food the way that they could. Poor Sporky would try to fit in with them. He would try and cover his shortcomings and pose as a one of them. But it never worked. Sporky was still a spork in the end.
One day he wished upon a star to become a spoon. The next morning to Sporkyís delight his mediocre prongs were gone - he was a spoon! Sporky was so excited that he ran down to meet the other spoons. He was so happy, for once he finally fit in. But after awhile he got tired of being a spoon. Sometimes he would get to scoop up of ice cream, which Sporky loved, but most of the time he was stuck scooping up awful dining hall meatloaf. So that night Sporky wished again; this time to become a fork.
The next morning when Sporky woke up he had the most beautiful long prongs. Sporky began to laugh and play with all of the other forks. But soon grew tired of them complaining. A day didnít go by that he didnít hear one fork comparing their prongs to another fork. So that night Sporky made his last and final wish to go back to being just another spork.
And when he woke up the next morning he was back in his old plastic body. Sporky had realized that being a spork really wasnít all that bad. He may not exactly be a fork and he may not exactly be a spoon but Sporky was special in his own way. Sporky had the good qualities of both the fork and spoon. Besides, at least he wasnít a knife.

How I felt when I won the Win a Dollar contest:
IT WAS GRAND. i still maintain my dollar. hoooray. i will win again. HAHAHAHAHAH!

How I felt when I lost the Win a Dollar contest:

Physics problem
easy dummy. cant believe you dont now this. just listen to the kid who got a 4 in physics. assuming that the ball was an adidas Fevernova Match Ball, which is the offiical Official World Cup Match Ball, i can do this problem. we gotta go back to our days in physics. take the square root of 11 which is roughly 3.317. multiply that by the difference of velocityies between the wind and the ball speed. the difference being 15 so 3.317 mulitplied by 15 is 49.75. The you gotta use a avogodro's number to tell you the number or air molecules displace by the ball during its trip. so the ball traveled 32m to the wall. mulitiply 32 by 6.022 x 10 ^23. 19840000000000000000000000 or 1.984 x 10^24. taking the cosa mulitpy that my 49.75( your answer from the first) 39.8 and you have your answer of 3.8 seconds from the moment of impact. or just ask matt hill for the super aweseom answer cause he does this kinda stuff in his i need a calculator

M M McLar

3. Write a Limerick:

There once was a gangster named BriBri
Who's favorite drink was a MaiThai
He learned how to rob
But he pissed off the mob
And was gruesomely killed in a drive by.
(M M McLar)

Brian does not like to dance
Because he is small in the pants
I wish he were dead
He loves men named Fred
I should throw a rock at his head

There was a young lady whose mind
was never especially refined
she got on her knees
her lover to please
who stuck in his prick from behind

there was was a man from france
and all that he did was prance
he ate all of the ice cream
cause it was his dream
to light up the stage with his dance