Round 2

Welcome to the second and final round of the world-famous Win a Dollar contest! There are 5 questions for you to answer in this round:

1. H to the izz-o, V to the izz-a... what does H.O.V.A. stand for? (Feel free to make up your own answer)

2. How has Gary Coleman affected your life?

3. If you win the Win a Dollar contest, how will you deal with your instant fame, and with the extreme jealousy that people will now have of you?

4. Word association:
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the following five words?
(you should have an answer for each word)
- cow
- apotropaic
- dollar
- antenna
- the

5. Problem: a girl on my floor keeps bringing her boyfriend into the boys' bathroom on our floor and having sex in the shower stall. Propose a solution.

For round 2 you MUST e-mail me with your answers.

DUE DATE: Friday, October 12 at midnight.
(or when everyone gets their entries in, whichever comes first).


UPDATE: You may still enter even if you didn't enter round 1! Just e-mail me your answers from round 1 as well. However you will receive a 5-point penalty for entering late.
Here are the round 1 questions:
1. Tell me why you want to win a dollar.
2. How many dollars can you fit up your bum?
3. Let's settle this once and for all - who let the dogs out!?!?
4. Tell me something I don't know!


Here were the scores from the last round:
gwydionn:      35/40 (88%)
Sarah91282:32/40 (80%)
Rusty6995:32/40 (80%)
SimpLiveV:32/40 (80%)
Yes I Do Mind:32/40 (80%)
jak0880:31/40 (78%)
minnyisgr8t:31/40 (78%)
M M McLar:30/40 (75%)
Eel97:29/40 (73%)
Colket81:0/40 (0%)