Cam Jansen

Assignment: Write a letter to the author of one of your favorite books. Tell the author the name of the book, what you like about the book, and how you would have changed the story if you had been the author.

Dear Mr. Adler,
I just read your book, "Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Monster Movie" and it was excellent! I liked the way Cam used her photographic memory to figure out who took the missing reel of film. It was Angela Kane, one of the stars of "Shoe Escape". She didn't like her performance in the movie and didn't want anyone to see it.
I really liked the part in "Shoe Escape" when the boot carried a sign saying "We're tired of being stepped on and stepped in." That made me laugh!
If I could change one part of the story, I would have made Mr. Bender the thief, so he could use it in his movie theatre (Bender's Bargain Theatre). He was such a grouch!
Brian Mulholland

Note from the teacher: Brian, how many books are you writing about? See me.

Date: December 3, 1990