We studied the space program at one point, and one of our assignments was to write a story about a problem that arises while on a space shuttle:

I opened the refrigerator just to find that it was full of dog food!! So I asked around, trying to find out who stocked the refrigerator. And finally I found out who it was (which was pretty obvious) - the only person on board the space ship that had a dog (not onboard the space ship, of course) Eddie!!!! It was his first time packing a refrigerator, though, so I decided just to give him some tips for the next time.

Special bonus day!

2 Tin Cans, lightly stirred
10 Submarines, mixed well
1 Car Frame
5 Pants Zippers (optional)
Mix all ingredients (except pants zippers) in large bowl with an electric mixer. Heat in oven at 1200 degrees for one hour. Metal should be a sticky paste by now. Pour liquid into bite-size squares (ice trays usually do the trick). Serves 200 people. If expecting more, add pants zippers. Do this only if necessary, as most people do not like to find a fly in their soup.