When I was in 5th grade, they made us take spelling class. I found spelling to be the most boring thing ever, because by this point I already knew how to spell words like "inspect" and "thirst". But the worst part was the homework - we had to write each word three times in our spelling notebook, like so:

I quickly became bored with having to do this all the time. So I started to spice things up a bit:

As time grew on, I started making more and more elaborate patterns:

Until finally, I just started making pictures out of the words:

This went on for a while. I started making each letter of the alphabet:

...but wait! What's that little note in the corner?

I couldn't believe that this teacher would want to stifle my creativity like that! So I kept making pictures and shapes:

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Another note? What does this one say?

"See not one previous page"!? The irony of a spelling teacher writing this in my notebook is incredible.

Okay fine, no more pictures... I'll write them in a list:

...a multicolored list! Take that you old bitch!