Grain of Sand

I really have no idea why I wrote this. It wasn't for school, it was just something I wrote one day.

There is a grain of sand in California. Pick it up and squish it with your 2 pinky fingers. My belly button will open up to reveal a secret cave. Climb in and find an old man. Guess his name and he will say "Ha, he, ho, hi, hu!". While he is saying this, you must say "fifty-seven six eight or wash!" If you say it at approximately 113.7864382 decibels, a secret door will reveal itself in 5 minutes, 57 seconds. Climb through it at a speed of 2 centimeters per second, and you will end up in a long tube. Get on the catapult and cut the trigger rope at 1:46pm, and you will launch into a tornado. When the tornado ends, you will be in a huge ocean. Suddenly, a huge man comes up, pulls a huge handle, and a whirlpool will start. Go into it in less than 5 seconds and you will end up on the same beach in California that you started on, only a tiny elf will be there to greet you. But don't say "Hello." Say "Zarg!". He will then give you your prize for doing this - the smallest piece of lint in the galaxy!